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Action from Questions and Insights

Aqxis LLC. aims to contribute to the further success of our clients.

Origin of the Company Name

The company name "Aqxis" has two meanings.

The first is from the English word Axis, which reflects our wish to contribute to the strategies and marketing that form the basis and axis of our clients' businesses.

The second is from the acronym "Aqxis", which stands for "Action from Questions and Insights." The "qxi" in the center also has the meaning of multiplying Questions x Insights.

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Service Contents



Our marketing objective is to “create a reason to be chosen by the clients through overall activities”.

We will make proposals in line with the business and marketing issues of client companies.

With understanding the market and clients' needs which are the premise of business and marketing, and by setting the target clients, clarifying and realizing the provided value, we will provide support in formulating a marketing strategy and execution plan to create more opportunities for your company to be continually chosen by the clients.

Marketing Research

Business Meeting

We provide support for the research that creates solutions for the marketing issues of client companies. 

Research approach will be proposed to contribute to your marketing success by utilizing our more than 10 years practical experience in marketing research, such as grasping the market trend, consumer insights, brand diagnosis, product development, advertising effectiveness measurement, etc.

We are committed to everything from research planning and design to analysis and suggestion that allow us to delve into the structural factors behind the survey and its further essence.

Business Strategy

Business Meeting

Planning of business strategy and formulation of execution plan will be proposed to make a big leap in your business.

A strategy is a policy of "things to do" and "things not to do" to achieve the purpose. The heart of the strategy lies in "things not to do", and only by giving up can you focus your business resources on what needs to do.

We provide support for the analysis of the current situation for business strategy, purpose setting, strategy planning, business model construction, execution plan starting from strategy, and follow-up for execution.

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Representative Profile


Tsubasa Tada

Marketing, Marketing Research, Consulting, Product Management, Facilitation


Became independent after working as a senior marketing research manager at Google. Founded Aqxis LLC. and became the representative. Prior to working at Google, engaged in marketing research work at INTAGE Inc.

Completed the Graduate School of Engineering of Kyoto University


  • Advertising effectiveness measurement (YouTube, search advertising, display advertising) 

  • Users insights (Search, YouTube, Multi-screen research, others (Android, Google Home, Chromecast, Google Photos) ) 

  • Research development and launch, including YouTube Brand Lift survey, branding effectiveness survey of search advertising, TV viewing and attention research (eye tracking), Google Opinion Rewards

  • Global research project

  • External communications (Coverage/publication in the media, take the stage in the internal and external events) 


  • Engage in client marketing issues (planning / design / proposal, fieldwork and data collection, analysis / reporting / announcement) 

  • Launch of i-SSP (single source panel for purchasing and media) as a new business

  • Renewal of consumer panel (SCI (Nationwide Consumer Panel Survey), SLI (Nationwide Female Consumer Panel Survey))  

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Publication in Media






経営 / 戦略

Schoo (授業登壇) 


DIAMOND Harvard Business Review

Consumer Insights

Advertising Week Asia (take the stage in the event)


Think with Google

Mobile Marketing

Think with Google

YouTube Human Stories (YouTube users insights) 


Video Advertisement

Webmaster Forum

Consumer Insights

Company Profile

  • Company name: Aqxis LLC

  • Representative: Tsubasa Tada

  • Business: Consulting (Business strategy, Marketing, Marketing research, etc.) , Marketing contents

  • Established: November 6, 2020

  • Capital: 1 million yen

  • Address: 2-2-15 Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo

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